One Fast Charger – 12 Volt USB Review

I recently received a USB car charger from One Fast Charger ( Below is my full review of the product!


This product came in a simple cardboard box and was inside in a molded piece of plastic. Simple and clean, not the nicest I have ever seen, but still good.


Obviously, all this product does is plug in to your 12 volt connection in your car and then provides power to the USB devices you plug in to it. It also has a blue LED light that lights up when it is connected and receiving power. This is great in case your car provides power to the 12 volt connections when off and you didn’t know it already! This device worked great for charging our phones without any issues. Is it fast? I wouldn’t consider it to be any faster than any other car charger I have used. I have never come to expect car chargers to provide a ton of juice, so I wasn’t surprised when this one didn’t either.


For $9 on Amazon (and free shipping with Prime) I would consider this an excellent product. It works as advertised and is a great way to provide your phone (or tablet, etc.) with a little juice while you are out on the road!

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