iPhone 6 Sports and Exercise Armband – Review

i2Gear recently sent me an armband for the iPhone 6 to review. You can check the product out on amazon here. Technically, it is for an iPhone 6, but my review will include use with an iPhone6S. Essentially, these two devices are identical, so it isn’t a concern, just a note. Anyway, check out my thoughts on the product below!



As advertised on Amazon, the product comes in ‘Frustration-Free’ packaging. It was in a small cardboard box, very basic and easy to open. Inside wrapped in a plastic bag was the armband and a small pamphlet. Simple, clean and organized… I wouldn’t ask for anything more out of a basic product like this.

The Armband

The product is a very simple concept… velcro strap that wraps around your arm and your phone goes in side. The headphone jack is lined up correctly for the iPhone and the phone fits snuggly inside the case. A nice added addition is the key slot on the side. Wearing the armband is exactly as you would expect and the velcro holds well.

Final Thoughts

The product does exactly what anyone would buy it for an it is very reasonably priced! At the end of the day, if I ever need another armband for a phone (or know someone who does), I will be sending them to i2 Gear!

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