Reach Cables – 10 Ft Long Lightning Cable

Reach Cables recently sent me a 10 Ft long Lightning cable (found on Amazon here). Check out my thought on the product after using it for a few weeks!


The external packaging was nothing exciting (standard envelope), but the actual product was packaged in a small zip-lock (just as posted in the Amazon pictures), which was a nice clean look for a simple product. I wouldn’t expect anything else for a small product like a cable, but I would have been unimpressed if it was anything less.

Using the cable

Upon first use the cable didn’t seem to work, but after a couple tried it started working fine and has worked without issue ever since. I’m wondering if the connectors just needed to be worn a bit before they made a good connection inside the phone. I have used this cable with both an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 6s without issue.


The braiding on the cable is done very well and it makes this 10 ft long cable easy to manage.


Final Thoughts

As with all iPhone cables, this one will probably wear over time, but for the first 30 days it has seen a decent amount of use and is holding up well. For the price-point(just shy of $13 on Amazon) this cable works great and is very useful at 10 ft long. If you are looking for a long cable for a reasonable price, I would recommend ordering this one from Reach Cables!

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